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Broadcasting on:

  • 107.5FM New Castle (Lawerence County)
  • Fayette TV in Fayette County Channel 77
  • WLDJ-DB Uniontown
Chris Meglin

Chris Meglin

When Chris isn’t listening to and talking about rock music to radio audiences, he’s most likely broadcasting live to dozens of high school students who have Mr. Meglin for Mass Communication and English. That tinge of a New York accent comes from his roots: a Long Island native who attended college at SUNY Oneonta, and first job as a DJ in radio at WONY-FM. The NY accent diminished (cawffee and chawklet not said as much that way anymore) in the 1990’s working on the West Coast for Global Satellite’s "Rockline" and other syndicated radio programs for The Westwood One Radio Network. More on-air DJ work happens in and around Las Vegas at "The Tri-State’s Home of Rock…Lucky 108 FM." Chris returns to Eastern Standard Time and currently delivers two shows on the weekends for Hall of Fame Music and still "tawking" to his high-schoolers about the benefits obtained from a Liberal Arts education. Mr. Meglin, the passionate rock jock, solemnly promises not to grade his students’ essays during his on-air shifts in the Hall of Fame studios.