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Broadcasting on:

  • 107.5FM New Castle (Lawerence County)
  • Fayette TV in Fayette County Channel 77
  • WLDJ-DB Uniontown
Tim Powers

Tim Powers

Tim Powers has been on the air since 1987, serving stints at stations in St. Louis, Los Angeles and New Castle PA.. He loves the oldies, especially hits from his favorite bands: "The Monkees", "The Turtles", "The Zombies" and, of course, "The Beatles".

Tim was a stand-up comedian in Hollywood for years, working with comedians like "Chris Rock", "Iliza Shlesingers", "Chris D'Leia", "Pauly Shore", and "Tracey MacDonald".

Tim keeps things happy on Sunday Mornings here on the station, and fills in for the other DJ's when necessary.